Blockchain Training: University Master

Master in Applied Blockchain: Programming, Taxation and Cryptoeconomics

From the European University Miguel de Cervantes de Valladolid (UEMC) together with the company Excellence Innova and Blockimpulsesign a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the“Master in Applied Blockchain: Programming, Taxation and Cryptoeconomics”

The proposed agenda is as follows:

Module 1- Blockchain & Bitcoin (3 ECTS)
Module 2 – Ethereum: Geth & Parity (3 ECTS)
Module 3 – Other Projects / Bockchain Solutions (3 ECTS)
Module 4 – Business Opportunities: Blockchain in Companies (6 ECTS)
Module 5 – Blockchain Programming: Hyperledger & Ethereum (9 ECTS)
Module 6 – CryptoEconomy (9 ECTS)
Module 7 – Tokenization: Everything related to financial tokens (3 ECTS)
Module 8 – Personal and Business Legality & Taxation About Blockchain (9 ECTS)
Module 9 – Blockchain Cybersecurity (3 ECTS)
Module 10 – Final project (with the possibility if it falls within those chosen by the teaching staff to enter directly into the Blockchain incubator itself) (12 ECTS)

The Student will delve into how to create a cryptocurrency, an ICO, a WhitePaper, look for the legal sense on a use case, or even know how to invest and look for the best returns in many of the options offered in the cryptoeconomy.

There are three pillars in the development of the Master: programming, taxation and cryptoeconomics. In addition to a global knowledge of all of them, the student will have the opportunity to train in more detail in one of them, specializing in this matter within the Blockchain ecosystem.

Finally, in addition to supporting updated knowledge of everything related to this new technology, we will delve into how Bigdata, IoT, AI and Blockchain are the new digital revolution. We will see use cases developed and in operation today, use cases for the future; as well as the professional opportunities that we will have both within a company and in the development of our own business as a successful StartUp.

The main focus of the Master is to “flee” from the theoretical, be disruptive and contribute through a practical and entrepreneurial approach.

You can have all the information of both the complete syllabus to be taught and other data of the Master in

No prior knowledge is required to enter the Master, or be a university graduate since various tools and external links will be provided for the different levels.

We have had the opportunity to create the Master that we always would have liked, very focused on the practical and with a strong entrepreneurial feeling. For this master’s degree, a group of professors with experience both in technology and in its implementation in different leading sectors has been chosen. In this way, in this Master the use models based on real practical cases and how it can be implemented in your own project will prevail.

Carlos Callejo, CEO Blockimpulse.

Remember, this Master is certified by the Miguel de Cervantes University as a University Master and by the smart contracts company in Bitcoin RSK.

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