Blockchain Technology Development
In order to

We accompany companies towards digital transformation. We develop business solutions around new 4.0 technologies, among them, especially Blockchain. Your success is our best sale.

We are a consulting company, training and development of solutions based on blockchain technology for the business and industrial sector. Founded in July 2018 by three partners, a model was created to be serious, critical and aware of how to land this new technology, in addition to covering the legal and business environment.


Our team

Our team is headed by Carlos Callejo in the technical and project conceptualization part, Rafael del Castillo as an expert in legal matters and Víctor Callejo in the business area.

Technical part and project conceptualization.

Rafael del Castillo

Expert in legal matters.

Víctor Callejo

Business area.


Personalized projects understanding customer needs. We have developed platforms using Ethereum, Binance Chain, Matic, Stellar or Hyperledger technology.

Stocken Capital

Corporate management platform of the digital company. The digitization of social shares through a tokenization procedure using blockchain technology facilitates their transferability and efficient government management. In addition to the exchange of shares, we offer the holding of general meetings, electronic voting, distribution of dividends or capital increases within our service.


Creation of the smart contracts of the token with vesting, pools and interaction with the platform.

BlueHill Platform

Development of the complete platform technically. Smart contracts, web3 connection and personalized menu.

NFT block impulse

NFTs platform

Own Marketplace, customized white label for companies on Ethereum or Matic.


Own traceability application based on Blockchain. Applicable to many business sectors.



Application where we register the identity of the motorcycles in the Matic blockchain.

cladding prices block impulse

Cladding Prices

Ventilated facade systems platform with online calculator and payments through Blockchain.


We offer 360 ° solutions for any type of project starting with the concept, comprehensive development of any solution and going through the different needs it may have.

Legal Tech

We firmly believe in the symbiosis of technology and law because we understand that a technologically viable project must also have legal viability to guarantee its regulatory fit. All the technological solutions that we develop are accompanied by the corresponding legal study carried out by an expert lawyer of recognized prestige to guarantee that said solution complies with current legislation, allowing the identification of any legal and regulatory risks.


Tokenization is a process by which we can represent an asset digitally for any mission that a company requires. We have our own project called Stocken Capital to be able to tokenize social shares of Spanish companies and their corporate governance.
We offer three basic pillars:
 1. Development of the platform: We develop your own platform according to your needs, integrated with KYC / AML systems and payment gateway.
  2. Economic Team: We have experts in this specialty to conceptualize the project based on cryptoeconomics.
  3. Legal Team: A fundamental part of the project is to know the legal path, we have lawyers with experience in this field.

DeFI - Decentralized Finance -

Decentralized finance is the new way to create value around the new digital economy. Our services are:
      - Create a governance token
      - Create a liquidity pool
      - Staking
      - Farming
      - Lending
      - DEX
      - Arbitrage bot
      - Use of Flash Loans
      - …
Are you planning a project on decentralized finance DeFI? We can help you.


We have our own custom platform so that any company can customize and create their NFTs from their website. You can add different roles, add a royalty, characteristics of the token, put it up for sale in the largest decentralized markets and even create a buy / sell from the same platform. Available to run on Ethereum or Matic.

Technological Partner

Are you a company that offers technology? Are you a company that has customers with concerns in the Digital 4.0 environment? Do you want to see the real possibilities of Blockchain and other technologies in your business or for your clients?

Genesis 4.0

At GENESIS the purpose is to offer the company the opportunity to certify its processes using Blockchain technology in many sectors. Before, we evaluate the digital maturity of the company and help it embark on a path of digital transformation in other so-called 4.0 technologies.

Blockchain technology is a solution of high interest since it generates a “mirror system” that validates, controls and supervises through its multitude of tools, a transparent process throughout the value chain based on the traceability of each of the products.


Campus Blockchain Master

University Master's Degree Applied Blockchain

We are academic directors of a Master in Applied Blockchain, certified by the Miguel de Cervantes European University. We have 5 editions and hundreds of students enrolled.

Block Impulse Training

Cryptocurrency Bootcamp for everyone PLUS

Intensive online training taught in 6 modules, online, together with Víctor Ronco on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and investment possibilities.

Cryptocurrency Book
for Dummies

We approach the adoption of technology by being co-authors of a Grupo Planeta book called Cryptocurrencies for Dummies that is being highly valued among readers. The book has been written by Carlos Callejo and Víctor Ronco.

The Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the tokenization of the economy

What is an ICO? An ICO involves the issuance of digital assets, called tokens, in exchange for cryptocurrencies or ordinary currencies. The book has been written by Rafael del Castillo.


Contact Us

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Monday - Thursday: 9-19h Friday: 9-14h

Our location

Boecillo Technology Park, In Valladolid - Spain
Avenida Francisco Vallés nº 8, 47151 Boecillo, Valladolid.


Legal Tech Servicios

Tenemos Plena Capacidad Para Complementar El Desarrollo Tecnológico Con Los Siguientes Servicios Jurídicos:

  • Auditoría jurídica completa del proyecto planteado identificando los aspectos regulatorios, principales riesgos, propuestas de implementación, etc.
  • Auditoría jurídica completa del proyecto planteado identificando los aspectos regulatorios, principales riesgos, propuestas de implementación, etc.
  • Revisión y propuestas de estructuración de sociedades en España y en el extranjero (Irlanda, Suiza, Holanda, Rusia, etc.)
  • Constitución de entidades en España y en terceros países. Redacción de pactos de socios y otros acuerdos societario
  • Estudio de mecanismos de protección de propiedad industrial e intelectual.
  • Redacción de toda clase de contratos mercantiles, condiciones de uso, condiciones generales, acuerdos de colaboración, joint-ventures, etc.
  • Estudio de la fiscalidad aplicable al proyecto.


  • Incrementar la liquidez de mercado.
  • Eficiencia en infraestructura.
  • Eliminar los intermediarios.
  • Aumentar el número de mercados a los que acceder.
  • Mejorar la gestión del accionariado de una compañía.
  • Fraccionar la posesión de activos.
  • Abaratar costes y ganar agilidad en los procesos.

¿Te imaginas poder fraccionar un edificio en metros cuadrados y ofrecer al inversor un token que represente esa parte de la inversión? ¿Ser dueño del token que representa un árbol y recibir dividendos dependiendo su rentabilidad? ¿Partir un cuadro de Picasso en 100 tokens y repartir la posesión incluso las obligaciones entre los inversores? ¿Partir el accionariado de una empresa en 1000 tokens y que el inversor pueda ejercer su voto en las juntas de accionistas mediante ese token?


  • Accesibilidad al sistema financiero.
  • Evitar intermediarios.
  • Poder prestar dinero ganando ingresos pasivos.
  • Poder ser prestatario en pocos segundos.
  • Transparencia e inmutabilidad de todos los procesos.


  • Sector AgroAlimentario
  • Sector Farmacéutico
  • Sector Automovilístico
  • Sector de Lujo
  • Sector Instrumental
  • Certificadores
  • Denominaciones de Origen

Problemas a resolver

  • Automatización de los procesos: Ahorro de tiempos, costes y agilidad en la información.
  • Conocer mucho mejor la historia de nuestro producto.
  • Cumplir con la ley y los métodos de la Seguridad Alimentaria en el sector AgroAlimentario: Crear confianza con el cliente.
  • Poder interactuar en la misma cadena de valor fábricas, proveedores, traders y puntos de venta.
  • Permite pasar inspecciones, identificar distribución de productos, análisis de mejora/optimización al instante.
  • Solventar los Puntos Críticos de Control de forma satisfactoria.
  • Anti-Fraude, no tendremos los problemas de copias de nuestro producto.
  • Demostrar ante terceros que la información no ha sido modificada y ha sido firmada por una persona/órgano certificador.

Legal Tech Services

We have full capacity to complement the technological development with the following legal services:

  • Complete legal audit of the proposed project, identifying the regulatory aspects, main risks, implementation proposals, etc.
  • Complete legal audit of the proposed project, identifying the regulatory aspects, main risks, implementation proposals, etc.
  • Review and proposals for structuring companies in Spain and abroad (Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, Russia, etc.)
  • Constitution of entities in Spain and in third countries. Drafting of shareholders' agreements and other corporate agreements
  • Study of mechanisms for the protection of industrial and intellectual property.
  • Drafting of all kinds of commercial contracts, conditions of use, general conditions, collaboration agreements, joint-ventures, etc.
  • Study of the taxation applicable to the project.


  • Increase market liquidity.
  • Infrastructure efficiency.
  • Eliminate middlemen.
  • Increase the number of markets to access.
  • Improve the management of the shareholders of a company.
  • Divide the possession of assets.
  • Lower costs and gain agility in processes.

Can you imagine being able to divide a building into square meters and offer the investor a token that represents that part of the investment? Owning the token that represents a tree and receiving dividends depending on its profitability? Split a Picasso painting into 100 tokens and distribute the possession including the obligations among the investors? Split the shareholding of a company in 1000 tokens and that the investor can exercise their vote in the shareholders’ meetings through that token?


  • Accessibility to the financial system.
  • Avoid intermediaries.
  • Being able to lend money earning passive income.
  • Being able to be a borrower in a few seconds.
  • Transparency and immutability of all processes.


  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Luxury Sector
  • Instrumental Sector
  • Certifiers
  • Denominations of Origin

Problems to solve

  • Process automation: Savings in time, costs and information agility.
  • Know much better the history of our product.
  • Comply with the law and Food Safety methods in the Agri-Food sector: Create trust with the customer.
  • To be able to interact in the same value chain factories, suppliers, traders and points of sale.
  • Allows to pass inspections, identify product distribution, improvement / optimization analysis instantly.
  • Solve the Critical Control Points in a satisfactory way.
  • Anti-Fraud, we will not have the problems of copies of our product.
  • Demonstrate to third parties that the information has not been modified and has been signed by a certifying person / body.