GENESIS 4.0 - Traceability in Blockchain

Do you know the history of your product?


In GENESIS, the purpose is to offer to any company the ability to certify its processes through Blockchain technology across many sectors. We first evaluate the digital maturity of the company. From there, we help it to undertake a path of Digital Transformation into another technology called 4.0.

Blockchain technology is a solution of high interest because it generates a “mirror system” that validates, controls, and supervises, through its multitude of tools, a transparent process throughout the value chain, based on the traceability of each of the products.



GENESIS 4.0 is a unique traceability application, scalable to any sector, based on Blockchain.

We are specialists in integrating software and Blockchain so that your product gains competitiveness in terms of information to be displayed, not only to a third-party or consumer, but within your company’s own processes. Some of the sectors where traceability based on Blockchain is in most demanded are:


Agri-Food Sector

Pharmaceutical Sector

Automotive Sector

Luxury Sector

Instrumental Sector


Designations of Origin

Supply chain Blockchain


It is essential to know, as much as possible, the complete chain of your product. Traceability can apply to an asset, a document, or to the tracking of a container in a seaport. Today, there are still major shortcomings in traceability, even in large companies.

  • Automation of these processes saves of time, reduces costs, and bolsters the usefulness of information.

  • Learn more about the history of your product.

  • Traceability can help you comply with the law and methods of Food Safety in the Agri-Food sector, which creates trust with your customers.

  • It can allow you to interact with factories, suppliers, traders, and points of sale in the same value chain.

  • Traceability can assist you in passing inspections, identifying product distribution, and analysis of improvement/optimization potential instantly.

  • Solve Critical Control Points satisfactorily.

  • Anti-Fraud: There will never be any problems with fraudulent copies of your product.

  • Demonstrate to third-parties that your information has not been modified and has been signed by a certifying person/body.