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Block Impulse

Development Of Blockchain Technology For Companies​

Developing your business with technology as an ally.

Years of experience

We guide companies towards Digital Transformation. We develop business solutions around these new technologies, 4.0 among them, especially Blockchain. We are the best partner for consulting and innovation development of a business because of our proximity, knowledge, and flexibility. We work for our client according to their needs.

Your success is our best sale.

Projects of Interest

From BlockImpulse we are working in different custom businesses.

genesis 4.0 trazabilidad blockchain logo


Own traceability application is based on Blockchain. It is applicable to numerous business/industrial sectors.

TCC Dominicana

An investment project around the tokenization of Caobas in the Dominican Republic, done in a regulated manner.

Cladding Prices Logo

Cladding Prices

Platform of ventilated facade systems, with online calculator and document traceability, based on Blockchain, for the Construction sector.

Training, is better university education

Fourth edition

GENESIS 4.0: Why use Blockchain?

Security Tokens

Can you imagine being the owner of the token that represents a tree, an m2, a piece of art, a part of a company... and receive dividends depending on its profitability?