Security Tokens | STO

We help you finance your project through Security Tokens (STO).


Benefits of a Security Token

– Increase market liquidity.
– Infrastructure efficiency.
– Elimination of intermediaries.
– Increase the number of markets to access.
– Improve the management of a company’s shareholding.
– Fractionate asset ownership.
– Reduce costs and gain flexibility in processes.

Platform Development

We develop your own platform according to your needs integrated with KYC / AML systems and payment gateway.

Economic team

We have experts in this specialty to conceptualize the project based on cryptoeconomics.

Legal Team

A fundamental part of the project is to know the legal path, we have lawyers with experience in this area.

The Blockchain ecosystem has used this financing system in an “alegal” way by raising large amounts of money. We are talking about projects that, within a few days, have achieved more than 200 million €. The characteristics and possibilities of this system, provided regulated processes that allow us to create a security token and finance any project..

Block Impulse offers you a token creation platform, with integrated payment gateways, identification systems, and the possibility of direct sales. In addition, we help to design the project and offer a team of lawyers dedicated to creating a legal and transparent path for you.

What can I create under a STO?

Can you imagine being able to divide a building into square meters and offer the investor a token that represents that part of the investment? How about owning the token that represents a tree and receiving dividends depending on its profitability? Split a Picasso painting into 100 tokens and distribute the possession, even the bonds, among the investors? Divide the shareholding of a company into 1000 tokens so that each investor can exercise his or her vote in the shareholders’ meetings through that token?