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Interview in CriptoGaceta with Carlos Callejo, CEO Block Impulse

We have had the opportunity to make a brief summary of the Blockchain panorama and the Block Impulse company. Give thanks to the CriptoGaceta medium. Here is the link and the interview, we hope you like it:


Today we interview Carlos Callejo, Carlos is CEO of Blockimpulse, a company that offers consulting and personalized development based on Blockchain + IoT, accompanying companies in the digital transformation. Focused on asset traceability with GENESIS 4.0 and the launch of STOs. In addition, he is the Academic Director of the Master in Applied Blockchain: Programming, Taxation and Cryptoeconomics at the Miguel de Cervantes University of Valladolid.

Carlos is also the founder of one of the largest communities in Spain called Valladolid Blockchain. Where a cryptocurrency called VaCoin (VLL) has been created to encourage community participation.

He considers himself an entrepreneur by nature and professional in his activity. Lover of decentralization but practical with its application.

– Carlos explain us roughly, for those who do not know, what is the Blockchain?

— We can define Blockchainas an accounting record, with account sheets and that each of these is a block of transaction information. These sheets follow an order, one after the other, and we cannot modify the order or the content once they are registered. On each sheet appear the data of the movements of the transactions that have been carried out. We are talking about a cryptographically linked data structure. We focus on these common characteristics about the data:

  • Traceability
  • Immutability
  • Safety
  • Decentralization

We have many different projects, with differentiated approaches to looking for real implementations in the business or industrial sectors.

— What was it that attracted you to this Blockchain world?

— When you know the inner workings of Bitcoinyou realize how it manages to be totally different and disruptive from a common digital protocol, remunerating those who help the network and the no need for intermediaries, being a system of direct exchange of value between equals . Then you can get an idea of ​​how this technology can change habits and ways of understanding information in companies and in different sectors.

When I became aware of all the change that could take place in our daily lives thanks to technology, I decided several years ago to set up a company to offer this advice and solution development service to other companies.

— How is the world fitting in with the emergence of cryptocurrencies?

— Cryptocurrencies is one of the first known implementations of this technology. We have a wide variety of projects and also opportunities from a financial point of view. For example, a project can be self-financed by creating its own cryptocurrency and requesting that financing from individuals. Logically, this process is within a regulation by the states in order to impose rules for the correct operation but that open enormous possibilities to disparate projects.

From a speculative point of view, many have seen the opportunity to get involved in an exciting world, that does not close, that does not follow rules, open to all continents to trade the value of different tokens or cryptocurrencies where volatility continues to be their great attraction.

— Are cryptocurrencies here to stay?

— It seems that it is still early for the social mass to use this system to make payments, but little by little we are seeing how more interesting projects, better planned and endorsed by the large Fintech companies, can have a place on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps one of the “problems” is volatility, but there are already several stablecoin options to solve it.

Really thanks to blockchainwe gain confidence, agility, automation in those payments in addition to being much more sustainable systems. Let’s not lose sight of how in a public blockchainwe can all follow the trace of these transactions, making the system transparent, auditable, non-modifiable and secure.

For all the above, sooner or later cryptocurrencies, surely in a more regulated way, will make a lot of sense.

— In your view, what will happen to current currencies such as the Dollar, Euro, Pound …?

— We are entering a new scenario of trust in the states themselves, which they so much need. To give a simple example, Bitcoinis universal, no state or company controls it and everyone knows certain aspects of its protocol regarding its operation in the present and future. It is known how many bitcoins are going to be created, being their finite number, without depending on a third party we can make use of them as we send them anywhere in the world and under a cryptographic system that makes it very safe.

Perhaps it is the most “anti-system” alternative, but it has many more points in favor than against money controlled by the states, giving the user some freedom and transparency that it does not have right now. In my opinion people, something in between could be the first step of this revolution in terms of digital money connected to a digital identity.

— What would you advise the new generations for tomorrow?

I sincerely think that they should be trained in knowing the new technological trends applicable to almost all sectors and what these changes mean both in daily life and in the possible jobs of the future. Not only the new generations, these changes are the present and everything is moving very fast.

For example, I am the academic director of the Master in Applied Blockchain of the International Blockchain Campus belonging to ENIIT Business Schools and I constantly see people interested in knowing how they can apply Blockchain to their work areas. In addition, from the International Blockchain Campus they help people to consolidate their projects, acting as a shuttle for the projects of the students of theMaster in Applied Blockchain.

— What projects is blockimpulse working on?

— Blockimpulse focuses on three distinct legs. The first, the traceability of assets or documents with special emphasis on food safety. We accompany companies towards a digital transformation of their processes so that it makes sense to end up using blockchain, certifying them safely and as autonomously as possible. We managed to offer a value chain and consultation both to the company and to third parties that are much more powerful than current systems. Everything is based on trust if the project is well managed. We can use this traceability in the pharmaceutical, health, logistics sector … But always being practical and objective in landing the solution. We have our own app called GENESIS 4.0.

The second, in the company of the company ENIIT Business Schools, the comprehensive management of a Master in Applied Blockchain where we have created a philosophically very powerful course, focused on practicality, just as we would have liked to take. Top-level teachers with day-to-day experience in the field and where the student can rely on to create their project or their dream during training, allowing for a possible involvement of companies to make it successful. We started the third edition on October 23 with the news of two new professors and very focused on knowing the financial tokens that will soon be in fashion. We have several master’s degree projects from the first edition working hard, including one of them presenting to Crypto Valley. Very excited by both the feedback from the students and the teachers.

The last leg has to do with the tokenizationof assets referring to the aforementioned financial tokens. A Caobas tokenization project in the Rep. Dominicana where the project seeks financing by this method and we put the technological platform, legal advice and project concept to carry it out with the investment of different business agents, but also individuals. The project gains in traction, agility, investment security and the investor will be able to disinvest in a secondary market, have the right of representation on that asset or know where and how the project money moves. It is the perfect example of a solid, beautiful, environmental project with a good economic return after a few years, accompanied by a technology that empowers it much more. This type of project will shortly be a present where we can invest in the m2 of a house, a piece of painting, or whatever you can imagine.

— Tell us a wish for the Blockchain.

— I think the most interesting thing is to start creating platforms and projects that add real value to the business fabric. If we achieve this, of which I am sure, little by little this technology will become part of our lives and we will benefit from its benefits.

— Carlos Callejo we greatly appreciate that you have brought your experience and your point of view to Criptogaceta, this is your home.

— Thanks to you, a pleasure to be here.

Carlos Callejo CriptoGaceta
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